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Company Financials:


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About Us:

The company buys the material from various manufacturers, big and small on cash basis. The company sells and distributes the material to various consumers like real estate developers, capital goods manufacturers, scrap holding manufacturers etc. on cash basis as well as on credit basis.

National Capital Region especially Ghaziabad has become hub for the steel sector. There are lots of industries in organized and unorganized sector around Ghaziabad. The directors due to their experience have excellent relations in the steel industry. They purchase the material from these industries which is further sold and distributed to direct consumers like various builders, capital goods manufacturers and various other industries.

Our product offerings include ready to use steel, primarily re-bars to be used in construction activities in various Sector like roads, power plants, ports, airports, housing, bridges, metros, monorails etc. The product offerings are aimed at overcoming the time and space constraints of construction activities of our clients. We achieve this by quick turn around by the orders received by us.

Product Portfolio:

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  • 25 Years of Rich Experience of the Promoters
  • Relationship with established players in industry
  • Multiple products
  • Good Selling and Distribution network
  • Deep understanding of Business Environment and Dynamics
  • Long-term Relationship with Vendors and Clients
  • Firm belief in relations based on Respect, Trust and Integrity
  • Extremely strong management & quality systems in place

The key factor in success of our business is the acceptance of the concept of readymade steel and getting the contractors/ developers to switch from labour oriented conventional method to ready to use steel in construction. Over the years Indian construction sector has been largely dependent on conventional methods of construction leading to larger gestation period in construction. Since early 1990’s especially after opening up of the economy the need for infrastructure in the country has grown exponentially and with expected high GDP growth, the infrastructure growth is expected to remain strong. The growth of infrastructure sector led to the requirement of faster deliveries and reduction in the construction time to create the infrastructure facilities required by the country especially in the building segment.


We are into the business of trading of various products of steel for more than 11 years. We want to leverage our strength to our benefit in future so as to become an effective player in the steel & tube industry. We wish to continue to supply our products to corporate houses, increase our market share in the industry, produce quality products at the competitive rates and adopt one of the best human resource practices

Focus on current customers

We intend to focus on our satisfied customers who understand the advantages of using readymade steel for their requirement. Our main focus will be to cater to their requirements in the northern and central India. We expect to secure significant orders from our current customers in new locations as well.

Create a niche in large size construction projects

Our strategy is to become a dominant player in tall structures and large size projects which face space and labour constraints on the construction site; and provide them with an efficient and cost effective solution for their requirements of steel in the construction activities

Focus on Quality

Our Company intends to focus on adhering to the quality of the offerings. This is necessary so as to make sure that we maintain the quality standards for our offerings and get repeat orders from our customers. This will also aid us in enhancing our brand value and further increase the business.


Just like any other industry there is competition in our industry also, we mainly compete with other traders of steel products in organized sector on the basis of availability of product, product range, product traits, quality, assortment and other factors based on price, reputation, customer service and customer convenience. To counter further competition, we are proposing expansion of our business activity so as to achieve diverse product portfolio, economies of scale and cost competitiveness.


We believe that there is significant emerging demand for the readymade steel products due to projected growth in the infrastructure and construction activities. We market our products by increasing competitiveness in the market, through reduction in the overall cost of production and developing our network. The Construction Steel items are consumed throughout the country, with the quantity depending upon construction activities being taken up in that area. It is always beneficial for the customer to procure from local producers to save on transportation costs and this is also helpful to the producer due to lower cycle time. The products envisaged by us, will generally cater to the three major construction sectors like infrastructure, industrial construction and housing & commercial construction.

Client Servicing

Since this concept is relatively new we also provide after sales service to provide comfort to the clients in usage of this concept as well as to derive the optimal value from usage of Readymade steel. We aim to help the client to understand and use the product more effectively. This initiative helps us to avoid resistance to change which is common in case of any new product