Product Portfolio:


Our company was incorporated in the year 2003. Our Company will be engaged in the business of marketing and distribution of steel products like TMT Bars, Rolled Products, Billets, Colour Coated Sheets, Long Products like Steel Strips, round angle, Channels & bars, Ingots and Steel Pipes and Tubes.

About Us:

The company will buy the material from various manufacturers and further sell and distribute the material to various consumers like real estate developers, capital goods manufacturers, scrap holding manufacturers etc. on cash basis as well as on credit basis.

National Capital Region especially Ghaziabad has become hub for the steel sector. There are lots of industries in organized and unorganized sector around Ghaziabad. The directors due to their experience have excellent relations in the steel industry. The Company will arrange to purchase the material from the manufacturing industries which will be further sold and distributed to direct consumers like various builders, capital goods manufacturers and various other industries.

Our product offerings will include ready to use steel, primarily re-bars to be used in construction activities in various Sector like roads, power plants, ports, airports, housing, bridges, metros, monorails etc. The product offerings are aimed at overcoming the time and space constraints of construction activities of the prospective clients.

Product Portfolio: The detailed product portfolio is:

TMT Bars,
Rolled Products,
Colour Coated Sheets,
Steel Pipe and Tubes
Steel Strips
Round Angles, Channels & Bars
Products Broad Specifications:

We will trade in TMT Bars. TMT Bars (Thermo Mechanically Treated Bars) are the most popular reinforcement bars in the world. The Bars have strength with better mildness, better corrosion resistance, better bond strength with cement, resistance to fire hazard, excellent ductility, higher fatigue strength, easy work ability at site, reduction in construction costs.

We shall trade in Rolled Products which include Hot Rolled Coils, Hot rolled Plates, Cold Rolled Coils and Strips, Cold Rolled Sheets and Chequered Sheets. The hot rolled strips are available in various steel grades that include extra deep draw, mild steel, high carbon and stainless steel. The company will also provide structural steel like angles in mild steel & hi-tensile steel grades. The rolled produces are extensively used for pipes and tubes, automotive, cycle parts structural & transmission tower applications.

The list of products shall also include excellent quality Stainless Steel Billets. The billets are made of high-grade stainless steel to ensure its durability and robustness at the users end. These billets are suitable for various industrial applications such as engineering and construction. We will also provide our prospective clients a high quality range of Carbon Steel Billets at the economic prices. These billets will be available in the set standards made of high quality mild steel. They are sturdy in construction and ensure easy applications. We will offer them with varied capacities and will be delivered in standard dimensions.

We will also provide colour coated sheets. The company will provide high-quality colour coated sheets that add aesthetic beauty to the strength of steel. Pre-painted galvanised sheets (PPGI) have been extensively used across a wide range of prestigious projects across the world. Typical applications include construction, white goods and automotive industries. Superior paint technology is available in a variety of paint systems like Abrasion Resistant System (ARS), Regular-Modified Polyester (RMP), Silicon-Modified Polyester (SMP), Poly Vinyl Di-fluoride (PVDF), Super Durable Polyester (SDP), Wood Finish, Wrinkle Finish.

Besides the above, the company shall also trade in ingots. An ingot is a material, in most cases metallic, cast into a shape suitable for further processing. Depending upon the application it is to be used for, it is required to have a cross-section which may be polygonal, round, oval, square or rectangular-shaped. Cast iron ingot molds play a vital role in determining the quality of the finished ingots, because the manufacturing involves the freezing of a molten liquid metal in a cast iron ingot mold. The company provides steel ingots in a broad variety of thickness and dimensions to meet the requirements of different industrial usages and applications. Our steel and forging ingots are widely used by ring rollers and forgers in the manufacture of parts like gears, flanges, bearings, valves, fasteners, machine tools, daily equipments, surgical & medical parts, and so on.

Our company fulfills all the requirements of every class of piping and has a complete range of Steel Pipes and Tubes including Mild Steel Pipes and Stainless Steel Pipes. These are made from stainless steel & mild steel, premium quality raw material and are highly durable. Our pipes and fittings are absolutely seamless and are extensively used for conveyance of fluids. They are developed in compliance with industrial norms, and are well suitable for being used in varied industrial applications.

We are engaged in offering Strip Steel or cold rolled strip, it is produced from a hot rolled strip that has been pickled. Well known for it's forming and deep drawing capabilities, strip steel is used for a variety of industrial applications. Typically strip steel is used in body panels and automotive components, tubes, appliances such as refrigerators, washers and dryers, building materials as well as electrical components. Steel Strips/Sheets serve as critical input for a range of applications in a wide spectrum of Industries. Considering the sophisticated applications, our CR Steel Strips are meeting high standards of inherent quality, surface finish, heat treatment and close tolerance on dimensions.

We are also engaged in offering quality Steel Angles that are highly used in construction purposes. Additionally, these Steel Angles are also used in applications like shelving, racks, trolleys benches, mounting, jigs, suspension systems, security caging, fire cavities and support frameworks.